Who We Are?

Voice Of Global farming; Changing The Face Of worldwide Farmers.

Ceylon Flavors is a Sri Lanka-based full-service company providing sustainable support and incomparable help to farmers to perpetuate inequity in farming as well as serving the community with top-quality products and services. We go the extra mile in our efforts to upgrade underserved farmers that often lack training, assets, equipment, markets, financials, and other resources. 

The objective and unbiased farmer-driven information sources at Ceylon Flavors enable direct-to-farm commerce, efficiency, community, and sustainability platform, thereby changing farmers' faces. We further ensure the supreme quality of life for ranchers, small farmers, agricultural workers, and rural communities with inch-perfect and fail-safe tools, support, and resources.

The fundamental sales-boosting strategies of Ceylon Flavors fill the gap between product capability and customer needs. As a result, our aimful undertakings, the fail-safe framework of best-in-industry practices, and result-oriented performance of the sales team all goal at mapping-out high-yielding productiveness for our farmers, thereby increasing revenue over a pre-determined period. 

Get Up Your Boosted Nerves To Avail Wonders With World-Class Undertakings.

What if you want to drive up your standard of agricultural crop production? Without a doubt, the Ceylon Flavors will leadlight for you. We intend to go far and beyond with unmistakable blueprints. 

Although a top-tier entity, we still ensure high standards of services with innovative and advanced technology. We continually keep on assessing the performance of our services and strive to modernize them with up-to-date technology and ground-breaking discoveries in agriculture-related science so that every farmer can make use of the best approach. 

Moreover, we also serve a helping hand to the farmers to assist them to showcase their wide range of trending and in-demand products, procuring customer satisfaction under the assurance of long-term value enhancement and 100% product authenticity. To cap it all, Ceylon Flavors is not bound to serve specific people; instead, we promise to drop ship all our stellar practices and policies impartially to every farmer and customer. 

Why Choose Us

Full-Spectrum Expertise

The ground-breaking leadership at Ceylon Flavors is backed by the support of highly talented, competent, and experienced management that goes far and beyond to develop our people, enhance our social engagement, and reduce our environmental footprints boosting resource efficiency, strengthening rural communities, and rejuvenating ecosystems. 

Quality Of Service

Ceylon Flavors is a disciplined, well-founded, efficient, simple, and organized platform to get hold of growth opportunities and beyond compare fundamentals. The empowered assistance of Ceylon Flavors will help farmers to enhance their customer experience, effectuate superior operational efficiency, increase high-yielding productivity, and ultimately will boost revenue under the lap of easefulness.

Operational Synergies

Considering the necessity of customer requirements, our proactive measures, masterful action plans, and automated processes at Ceylon Flavors endeavor to achieve operational excellence. On this account, we build a win-win association between farmersand Customersby focusing on centralized key areas such as result-oriented functionality of tools, operations, plans, finance, marketing, research, development, BI, and so on.

Sophisticated Undertaking

Our high-performance services and incomparable risk management focus on building long-standing partnerships with our farmers and customer by providing best-fit solutions that will suit them the best. In addition, our team of talented, skilled, and trainedprofessionals is well-adapted to challenging environments to better serve a wide variety of industries.


We constantly strive to combine economic success with social responsibility and environmental protection. That's why through innovation and science, we empower farmers to make the most out of from their grounds and come up to the future and current needs of society.


Ceylon Flavors is a one-stop platform for both farming community and customers. Backed by super-innovative tools and hyper-intuitive solutions, we strive to come to the forefront with ground-breaking services meeting and exceeding all the fitting demands and needs of growers and customers.

Break New Grounds

We keep ourselves well-aware of evolving demands of customers and the farming community. Thus, we strive day and night to go beyond the traditional boundaries of time and space by infusing cutting-edge solutions and present-day technological advances. 

Our Core Values


Ceylon Flavors' specialist experts go beyond expectations to nurture just and ecologically sustainable farms and food systems across the globe through information-rich and transformative farmer training.


We at Ceylon Flavors are working together to advance the agriculture field through alliance building, education, advocacy, and celebration that impartially nourishes communities and the Earth.

Faith In People And Their Wisdom

We strongly believe in the potential hidden deep inside you and make an all-out effort to help you explore it with our time-tested decision-making frameworks.


We have a culture to foster an atmosphere of cooperation that results in economically viable, ecologically regenerative, and socially sound farm and enterprise management. 


We are accountable to our farming communities to be consistent and deliver on our commitments and promises.


We believe in maintaining transparency in our activities, finances, and intention to enliven a long-term and substantial association. 


Wellness For All, And Hunger For None

With a primary and strategic focus on sustainability, we desire to make a key contribution in feeding the global population and ensuring self-determined lives while respecting the planetary boundaries. We are accelerating our innovation to come up with innovative and safer solutions that lead the next wave of agricultural evolution to address urgent challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, and soil erosion.

Marked with full integration of social and environmental considerations with economic objectives, our well-rounded workforces identify potential risks and seize development opportunities nurturing a process of continuous and sustainable improvements that generate value over the long term with global impact. 

Our Selling Process

  1. Firstly, we will own your product as our own, and after passing it through an extensive background check.
  2. Secondly, we amplify its competence by making it more visible to the target customers. Later on, we increase its selling potency through our well-grounded platform.
  3. Later on, to further uplift sales opportunities, we partner with the farming community and eventuate ourselves as the overwhelming distributors of the products. 

Consequently, we push up the eloquent sales of the products through our influential presence in different regions around the world.

Our Manufacturing Process


Making use of their expertise and experience, the outsmart workers at Ceylon Flavors contemplate leading-edge undertakings and super-innovative solutions with smart and cost-effective enhancements ensuring the highest standard of customer satisfaction.


By valuing everyone’s unique contribution and working as one team, the round the clock efforts of dedicated experts develop meaningful, unique, and sustainable products asserting long-term quality metrics.


Each of our developed products then passes through rigorous testing, thereby securing up to mark and nature-based authenticity for prolonged effectiveness.

Packaging and Shipping

Our orderly and professional packaging and shipping accompany a relentless pursuit of perfection to assure damage or deterioration resistance since the goods and products we supply need to travel long distances once they leave the lodging dock.

Post-Selling Services

To meet our ultimate goal of high-quality output and trusted customer satisfaction, we ensure our well-rounded support even after the finishing supply of products so as to service all customer demands in the form of return or refund and much more.

Our Products

Ceylon Flavors is meeting the emerging needs of well-oriented consumers and creating your next generation of growth in spices, herbs, and specialized nutrition all in one place. With a well-earned and distinguished track record of providing farmers with high-yielding, future-forward, and research-backed products, we are deep-dyed to improving people’s lives by focusing on the areas of healthcare and nutrition. 

We worth the weight of health of people in gold, and that’s why we sustain the purity and freshness of our naturally grown products and goods through top-quality in-field processing. Our premier products receive the pledge of acquiring the certification of USDA Organic having the label of “Joint Agri Products Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd.” Leveraging our distinctive knowledge of plants, animals, and people, we strive hard to provide a wide assortment of a reliable supply of high-quality and plant-based products, including;

  • Herbs
  • Spices
  • Tea 

Our Vision

With a passion for invention, we procure the vision to bring into being futuristic opportunities helping rural farmers scale their out-of-the-ordinary products, thereby uplifting their standard of living. Further, all our high-scaled services envision to meet the diverse community needs with high-quality, pure, and natural products locking up the supreme health standards.

Our Mission

The primary motive of the Ceylon Flavors is to ensure the success of the farmers by granting them a well-versed training of new technological advances, upgrading the original quality of their authentic products, and providing financial support to the needful. As well as, we aim to power the prosperity of the farmers by minimizing the time frame of product and goods movement directly from the farmers to consumer all through the assurance of premier quality output from effective processing from our manufacturing plant. Moreover, we are strongly committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle by shipping our unique, healthy, and natural products to your doorstep at a budget-friendly expense.

Our Objectives

  • To empower the world with cutting-edge innovations to thrive. 
  • Strengthen food availability by scaling productive and sustainable agriculture. 
  • Support rural livelihoods and enhance the inclusion of underrepresented communities in agriculture. 
  • Drive positive impact in the industry by leveraging farm-focused and technology partnerships and investments. 
  • Advocate and champion non-violence and equity within our communities. 
  • Treat all our partners and employees with dignity, professionalism, and respect, and foster an environment where communities contribute, innovate, and excel.