Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Tea

Ceylon Flavors - Premium Special Grade, Non GMO, Harvested from a USDA Certified Organic Farm in Sri Lanka (Packed in stand up resealable pouch)
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Price: 10.95 USD
The indicated price is per pack of 30 Tea Bags
Ingredients: Organic Ceylon Cinnamon
100% Natural with no added artificial colors/flavors, or preservatives.
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About Ceylon Flavors Ceylon Cinnamon
The superior quality of Ceylon Cinnamon powder comes as a small resealable pouch. All cinnamon sticks are hand selected before grind them to produce highest quality of Ceylon Cinnamon powder.
The brown coloured outer bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree is peeled off to reveal a softer, light yellow coloured inner bark and grind them in to Ceylon Flavors Cinnamon powder.
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We offer products that are grown in natural and sustainable environment without disrupting the ecological system of the nature.